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5.0 out of 5 stars ... 
By Christian Sia  June 16, 2018

Ideolatry — God is Not Your Problem: The Character and Nature of God — As Revealed in His Word by Dr Rich Masek is a powerful exposition of one of the attitudes that hinder humans from discovering God as He is and in the way He wants us to discover Him. The author makes the keen observation that the growth of our technology can shift our focus when it comes to the fundamental truths about who we are in relation to God. The human mind has developed over the ages and has made incredible achievements in technology, but our cutting-edge technology poses a great advantage and a huge temptation as well. The temptation is in believing that science can offer credible answers to the questions that haunt the human spirit. Relying solely on our intelligence is the very essence of ideolatry, a neologism that aptly translates the poverty of spirit that characterizes contemporary culture.

Dr Rich Masek shares his journey of faith in this beautiful and well-written book, helping readers see the pitfalls that impede them from welcoming the word of God into their lives with openness of spirit and utter trust. Readers will learn to understand the nature of God by encountering Him in His own word as recorded in the Scriptures. They will understand God’s ultimate plan for humanity and what He created us for. Ideolatry — God is Not Your Problem: The Character and Nature of God — As Revealed in His Word is a compelling, highly instructive, and timely companion for those who want to discover God and their purpose. The writing is confident, clear, and filled with biblical references that give depth and substance to the author’s message. I particularly enjoyed the fact that this author shares his personal experience of faith with readers. In a world and at a time when we are bombarded with all sorts of messages, there is the need to determine which voice we should listen to and which one should be shunned. This book is the tool that will help readers make that distinction in life. Inspiring and very educational!

5.0 out of 5 stars ... 
By Darin Godby  June 5, 2018

Struggling to maintain a personal relationship with God is part of what many deal with because of religion being filtered through people or organizations. IDEOLATRY – God is Not Your Problem by Dr. Rich Masek deals with many misconceptions as well as religious ideas that need to be confronted and made personal for each person, rather than just taking someone’s word as to their own belief. Dr. Rich Masek does a beautiful job of challenging the reader to confront their own beliefs vs. what others have tried to indoctrinate into their lives. Noted within the material is the fact that while the Spirit led Jesus, which is the desire of man, many times he is influenced by the law, traditions and man’s opinions. 

A very profound statement by Dr. Masek is: “We develop our book of personal Ideolatry using our version of the truth. We tend to base that truth on relativity influenced by our various situations, observations, perspectives, and experience. Our Ideolatry affects our views of both God and His character.” (Pg. 64). Dr. Masek uses many illustrations, tables, charts, and scriptures to make his points and enlighten the reader. This material is not about pushing his agenda as much as allowing the reader the opportunity to challenge themselves and have a better understanding of how to make their own decisions. A great concept presented is would God conflict with Himself? Can God do good and evil? There are so many valid points to consider. This is indeed one of the most excellent books of our day. Every church, leader, college, and university should have this material. Dr. Masek says what should have been said many years earlier. This is definitely a 5-star book!

  5.0 out of 5 stars ... 
By Ruffina Oserio  May 21, 2018

In Ideolatry— God is Not Your Problem: The Character and Nature of God — As Revealed in His Word, Dr Rich Masek invites readers with compelling arguments to question their faith and to sincerely ask: Who is God? In this book, the author helps readers to understand the factors that contribute to their constructs of God, which quite often are based on our human understanding and intellectual curiosity or our human experience of either joy or pain. Inviting readers to be receptive to God, the author underlines, among others, the influences we receive, especially from family and loved ones and how these can distort the real image of God. For instance, a child who has been consistently abused may tend to see God as a punishing being while one who experiences affection can form a tender idea of God. But the author helps readers discover God as He reveals Himself through His own word in the Scriptures, independently of our human experience.

This is a well-researched, well-structured, and intelligently composed work that comes across as the author’s gift of faith to humanity and his personal search for the truth about God, about His nature, about His plan for His creation. The writing is clear and enjoyable and the author translates his own personal story of faith into the work in a way that makes it more convincing. Here is a book that will help any reader ask the right questions about what they believe in, but what makes it more compelling is how the author allows the word of God to speak for God. What this book didn’t answer, though, is the question of how people of other religions can define the nature of God. The book is well-written for any person seeking the face of the Christian God. Dr Rich Masek is a great author besides being a good dentist. Ideolatry— God is Not Your Problem: The Character and Nature of God — As Revealed in His Word is a book that encourages readers to seek God by listening to His word, because His word is Truth and it is very accessible.


 5.0 out of 5 stars ... 
By Divine Zape  May 20, 2018

IDEOLATRY — God is Not Your Problem: The Character and Nature of God — As Revealed in His Word by Dr Rich Masek begins with a powerful statement that constitutes a warning and a call to awareness: “Mankind has a problem and you might be part of it! Placing the human intellect on a pedestal and worshiping its potential is the core of ‘ideolatry.’” The author uses a powerful neologism to convey a strong point; that we can become engrossed with our mental prowess and the things we create so that our perception of reality is flawed by the things we build in our interpretation of God. While not claiming any affiliation to any form of organized religion, this author helps readers to find clear answers to some of the questions that plague us: Who is God? How does He see us? What is His core nature? What is His plan for humanity? How does He treat us?

Answers to such questions are found in the Bible, in the very word of God, and the author allows the Bible to speak for itself, offering succinct and beautiful commentaries as he does so. Dr Rich Masek writes with simplicity and his conversational style will strike many chords with readers. I loved the personal stories the author shares and his deep understanding of how our minds can be manipulated to pursue truth in the wrong places. This is a well-researched and brilliantly presented book that will challenge readers to reevaluate their beliefs and begin the journey of searching for God where He can be found, and with honesty. This book is an eye-opener, one that will make most of us question what we think we know about God. Highly recommended for anyone seeking God.
 5.0 out of 5 stars ... 

IDEOLATRY - God is Not Your Problem by Dr. Rich Masek is a guide to assist readers in taking responsibility for the actions in their lives, viewing the world around them (and the experiences of others) with a clear, open mind, and learning to embrace the absoluteness of God and our roles within this universe. While each chapter assigns scripture and connects it to righteous living today, Masek also reaches far outside the comforts of the Bible with references, studies, examples, and quotes by scientists, psychologists, doctors, and even international commercial and property law to tie in examples of real world application. "Ignorance is no excuse for a breach of protocol when handling a "hazardous" item... and could result in death of the individual. With this in mind, let's take a detailed look at the events that cost Uzzah his life."

In the interests of full disclosure, I should start out by saying that, while I certainly believe in God, I am not actually a Christian. The reason that is important here is that Dr. Rich Masek was still able to speak to me in IDEOLATRY - God is Not Your Problem. While it's pigeon-holed as a devotional in its genre (and to a great extent, it is just that), Masek is scholarly in his approach to outlining a highly intelligent and concise analysis. Christians will certainly appreciate this book, but non-Christians will also find a great deal to resource and inspire. There were multiple passages that I revisited, but for me the most poignant was: "Fear opens the door for the manifestation of all sorts of problems in our own lives. Fear is in direct conflict with love and the opposite of faith." I would recommend this book to those who appreciate a truly academic approach to theology, and to Christians who are interested in a greater understanding of the Bible and the truth behind its words.
Podcast Review from iTunes  5.0 out of 5 stars  POSITIVELY Thought-Provoking

by stevio55 - Dec 15, 2017

One click lead to another & I randomly found this podcast series. I listened to Episode 10 out of curiosity; then I had to go back & listen to Episodes 1-9. "Ideolatry" exactly describes several of my friends who consider themselves (and are) highly intellectual. .. and therefore "too intelligent to believe in (a man-made-up) God." The author presents DEEP questions to the above average and highly intelligent listener that cannot help but intrigue them, and lead them to rethink their conclusions about the God of the Bible. I plan to buy the book, and will listen to the series again so I can be more confident and comfortable when I verbally defend absolute vs. relative truth to Seekers & non-believers.

I recommend that everyone read and study this book, whether a believer of not. . Dr. Masek's search for the truth and his faith in God has enable him to put into words, the knowledge that was revealed to him so that we may all gain a clearer understanding of God's truth.
I have been a patient of Dr. Masek for over 30 years and have come to know him as an extremely gifted man of God and his faith in God is exemplified by his kindness, humility and sincere dedication. Thank you Dr. Masek for sharing your journey in your search for the Truth and for dedicating such a large part of your life in revealing your personal Inspiration from God.
I found the workbook was very helpful in helping me to encapsulate the highlights of every chapter, I recommend it very highly
Sincerely, Carmen LaBelle
Dr. Rich Masek’s book “IDEOLATRY - God is Not Your Problem - The Character and Nature of God - As Revealed in His Word” was an interesting read for me. I am a NON-religious and open minded person, this doesn’t mean that I doubt God. I’m not a fan of organized religions, haven’t been for years now. With all this being said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I always hated reading the bible growing up and didn’t understand most of if any of its messages. This changed as I matured a lot and noticed that a lot of the bible is spot on with life. I figured I would give the book a shot after seeing it in Dr. Masek’s office after an appointment of mine so I ordered a copy. Didn’t take me long to be interested. The title alone caught my attention, the word “Ideolatry”; I had never seen it before. The merging of the words “idea” and “idolatry” sounded brilliant and flows together perfectly.

There are two chapters in the book that touched me personally, although they all did in ways. Chapter 11 “Trials and Testing: What’s Up With Job?”, and chapter 23 “It’s Just Not Fair”. I loved the following quote in the Job chapter, “Ignorance is not an excuse that can buy a pass to avoid the consequences of that ignorance”. It being in reference to Job and his ignorance of the forces of evil and its ability to strike at any point, while he lived in fear of if/when God was the one that was going to bring him harm so he wanted to make sure God was pleased. It is perfect for today’s world in which there is so much ignorance of harmful things and the people that are ignorant to them are not escaping the harm no matter how “righteous” they are living. The real test is how they will bounce back, and Job did well. The other chapter I enjoyed was “It’s Just Not Fair”. This one is a big one for everyone no matter what one’s beliefs are.
In the book it’s from the point of believing that when something goes wrong that it is God’s fault. This comes with the same people also believing that when something goes right it is God’s blessing. Mankind is plagued by a disease termed “cognitive dissonance”, which is when your beliefs conflict with your actions or you hold two conflicting beliefs about something at the same time. Ex: I believe in the almighty God and he would never give me cancer, buuuuut I also smoke cigarettes daily and hold a cell phone to my ear for hours a day and consume sugar all day long. So I get cancer and then it’s all God’s fault and not my own actions, even though I believe that he is good anytime other than when something goes wrong for me. The accepting responsibility in today’s world is very rare, it was great to read about in this book.

In all I really enjoyed the book; I will be listening to it when it is released on audiobook format someday. I am not a Christian; I am open-minded to many philosophies, most have great things to teach if the light is seen within the message. This book was very well written for that! Many years went into this book writing and it clearly shows. This is not a book that was thrown together quickly in order to sell massive amounts of copies. Thank you for time Dr. Masek!
This is a very challenging book in a good way. It makes one rethink their theology and what the truth really is concerning God and what He has done for us and how He interacts with us. The book is instructive and teaches the truth of the Word with the Word, letting the Truth speak for itself. Dr. Masek simply points the reader to the Word. I particularly liked the diagram/description of how God separates us from sin as far as the east is from the west on page 338. Ideolatry clearly explains God's role in our life and what our responsibility is, but also God's plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. I am especially appreciative of the contents of the book but even the quality of the paper and printing add to the impressiveness of the book.
Interesting book! This will challenge you knowledge of God and your Theology. You will be made to rethink your beliefs. i have only read about 1/3 of the book as i am reading about 5 books at the same time
Love the book for sure! Finding out so much and connecting the dots! Things about my own thinking I never thought about before.
Dr. Masek has established an avenue to find the true nature of God's Word as it appears in the Bible, and not the words of those who communicate their Ideolatry based on heresay and opinion of others. This is a must read for all who need a motivation to truly explore the Bible and discover the truth...Rich a close friend and companion of mine 40 years ago, has taken a journey of sorts and re-found me and I him thru his work, Ideolatry. Find the true nature of God, and who is really responsible for your own journey to salvation.. It has been a gift of new light to read Dr. Masek's book and work the study guide...Respectfully submitted, Thomas P. Yokas
I have read the Bible multiple times, but for me it was so hard to grasp the BIG PICTURE of our God by my readings. Nothing I have ever read has put the information contained in the Bible into such a clear and concise fashion as "IDEOLATRY" has, allowing me to finally grasp the true character and nature of our God and deepen my understanding of God’s love for each and everyone one of us! I highly recommend you read this along with your daily reading of the Bible . . . believe me, you will thank me!
Format: Hardcover
Every time I sit down and read it ... I learn something about myself, and about my God It has been transformative in my life.
I love the Book Dr. Masek, And how the book evolved as you shared with me was truly amazing.
I have known Dr. Masek for 25 plus years and he is truly a gifted spirit being who was born on purpose for a purpose and is fulfilling his Destiny. Sincerely, Debbie Bunce
Ideolatry is a great read!! Filled with answers to many questions I've wondered about our Creator. Dr Masek lays it out in an easy to read format. For people who think the Bible is too difficult to read and or understand this is a fantastic place to start!!
In his book Ideolatry, Dr. Masek clarifies the true nature of God for us in a very compelling discourse. The book weaves the world of science, physics, and psychology with vast scriptural references to reveal a loving and compassionate God who loves us - not an angry almighty as He has been portrayed throughout time. This is a fascinating book that will touch both your spirit and intellect as the heart of God is revealed through each page - I couldn't put it down.
Ideolatry Website Review  5.0 out of 5 stars   Dr. David Lawler, IN
"I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Masek professionally for many years and have seen first hand his innovative approach to the emerging field of computerized dentistry. It is this same creative and thorough approach that I am familiar with, applied to his new book Ideolatry, that has illuminated the Bible in ways that I haven’t thought possible. In this video Dr. Masek masterfully summarizes the key points in this refreshing book. Without question, Dr. Masek has discovered a God of love and grace. May this message resound throughout the world…" 

Ideolatry Website Review    5.0 out of 5 stars Karen Bucher, Julian, CA
"Ideolatry has opened my eyes to the TRUE nature of God, His love mercy and grace. If you've ever thought God has brought calamity or difficulty in your life....whether you think you deserved it or not, you need to read this book! The first chapter in you'll be rethinking what you thought you believed. Ideolatry is about our Father who loves us....and if you're a parent, you can relate as you think about the love you have for your children. What I found in this book is that my Heavenly Father loves me just like I love my children." 

Ideolatry Website Review   5.0 out of 5 stars Dr. Michael Miroue, San Diego, CA 
"Dr. Masek has a unique ability to condense complex thoughts into an easily understood format. He has a gift...and a mission to help all of us understand our relationship to God in today's secular world. I hardily recommend this book as it will deepen your understanding of your purpose in life. It is well written and philosophically challenging." 

Ideolatry Website Review  5.0 out of 5 stars Danielle Ricketts, Santee, CA 
"Wow .. definitely an eye opener! A must read!" 

Ideolatry Website Review   5.0 out of 5 stars  Carol, Ambler, PA 
"I was excited to listen and get a sense of the book. I could relate a lot in where I was in my early faith, very legalistic. Your explanations brought confirmation and light to that. I look forward to reading how you unpack more of the relationship to the OT and the concept of what God allows. I am curious as to exactly where you are going with that. Your explanations of how we think and make up our belief system is awesome and the graphics were perfect to explain." 

Ideolatry Website Review   5.0 out of 5 stars  John Spieker, Ramon, CA 
"Your book is amazing. I have reached Chapter 9 and have been empowered with your insights. It has increased my passion to read the Bible. I am more focused on filling my discussions with God's absolute truth. The book is clear and easy to follow. You are a great teacher and my family is Blessed with the knowledge you are sharing in your book. Really! I enjoy how you methodically break down the factual meaning of scripture. Every Chapter has been a really good read. Every recent discussion your material has greatly helped clarify who God really is. Very powerful! People really need to hear the truth about that to have a deeper relationship with Jesus. Appreciate you so much...!" 

Ideolatry Website Review 5.0 out of 5 stars   Brian Binnie, Brea, CA 
"Inspiring! My son, Chad, read the book and I take it with me as I travel. The work book is a driving force. I can tell you that Chad now attends Church every Sunday and has joined a real CHRISTIAN Harley club, and now has a new lease on life and faith for him. It is awesome!" 

Ideolatry Website Review  5.0 out of 5 stars   Geoff Nicolaysen, San Marcos, CA 
"An excellent approach to time of civilization .... Your focus is on God .... Not details of calendars, evolution of life forms, or the mess of stuff that can be argued to refute or confirm Gods creation .... It doesn't matter much WHEN things happen ... It only matters what Gods INTENT for us is." 

Ideolatry Website Review   5.0 out of 5 stars  Connie Bennett, Campo, CA
"WOW!!! Great job!! The presentation was great. Thanks for sharing. We are enjoying the book and study guide. Definitely makes us think. We are really glad you listened to God and wrote the book!" 

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