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Dear Reader,

I often had questions about God.

I knew that Religious Denominations have lists of "do’s and don’t do's", and I knew there were Doctrines that told me what to believe - and I knew my knowledge was based on my life's circumstances, interactions, and perspectives - and I knew my understanding might be clouded by them.

But I wanted to go beyond the opinions of others. I wanted to go to the source: the Bible itself. I wanted to know what God put in that book, and how it relates to me and to my life today. I wanted to know God.

Some might find the Bible - The Scriptures - a bit difficult to interpret. The 'easy to read' format of IDEOLATRY helps to make the Bible easier to understand. I hope IDEOLATRY will help to unlock some of its mysteries for you. My goal is to help you understand the Nature and Character of God.

Within the pages of IDEOLATRY is the promise that you will understand God in new ways. With this knowledge you will gain a deeper intimacy with God, His purpose for your life, and allow you to walk in the power of God’s Truth.

Dr. Rich Masek

More detail about each of the three Parts of IDEOLATRY is provided below.
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  • IDEOLATRY weaves the world of science, physics, and psychology with scripture, to touch your spirit and intellect. 

  • IDEOLATRY will help you realize a deeper and more intimate relationship with the One who made you! 

  • IDEOLATRY reveals a compassionate God who loves us - not an angry almighty as has been portrayed throughout time. 

  • IDEOLATRY is not a substitute for reading the Bible, but it will open your eyes to help you see the wealth of benefits that God has provided for you. Using the Bible as its source, Ideolatry may challenge some traditional views, but will help you “connect the dots” to follow the thread of God’s love and compassion for us humans.

IDEOLATRY takes the reader on a journey of Self-discovery, Biblical discovery and Spiritual discovery with the goal of understanding the Character of God as revealed in His own word, the Bible. IDEOLATRY is organized in three basic elements. Each module leads the reader to a deeper understanding of the common thread that runs throughout the Bible.

Your perspectives can define your view of God, but how do the circumstances, events, and situations in your life shape the way that you interpret what you read in the Bible?

            • How your belief system developed
            • How you understand God
            • Your intellect vs. Your view of God as the higher power
            • Exploration of the concept of Truth
            • What it takes to receive and believe Truth when you hear it
            • What interferes with your ability to focus on God
            • How Life Filters affect your perspectives
            • The Acts of God as defined by man vs. true Acts of God
            • Religion vs Christianity
            • The view of science and observational perspectives
            • The relevant thoughts of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking
            • The differences between Relative, Situational and Absolute truth
            • Personal choice and personal responsibility
            • Cause and effect
            • Who God is in your life

Can you overcome influences that may distort your view of God and the Bible. Can you allow the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s Truth to you.

The influence of history is essential. Examine God’s Covenant with mankind — Biblical successes and failures in the Old Testament — Actions and motivations that reveal responsibility for what happened when things went wrong.

            • What God does and does not allow
            • Religious semantics
            • The difference between a physical and spiritual covenant
            • What God’s covenant with mankind means
            • The authority of the Covenant believer
            • God’s first interactions with mankind
            • God’s provisions for restoration
            • The trials and tribulations of Job
            • Abraham’s journey of faith and God’s covenant with him
            • What Job learned that you can apply to your life today
            • Deception, Self-Deception and Free Will
            • Discovering that what appears obvious is not always what it seems
            • Who really is responsible for death and destruction

Discover the difference between the dogma of religious traditions and the Truth of God.

What is the Wrath of God — How does it relate to what Christ did for you? — Did God change His mind between the Old and New Testaments?

            • Understanding the wrath of God
            • The two laws of God: Freedom or Death
            • Obedience vs disobedience
            • Punishment vs consequence
            • The blessings of obedience
            • Personal responsibility - the way to understanding God
            • Who the real problem is
            • How to renew your mind to Truth
            • What Biblical judgment is
            • What Jesus says about judgment
            • Faith vs the Law
            • Generational curses
            • What it means to be double minded
            • The constancy of God’s plan
            • The Mystery of the Secret Place
            • Judgment - The Old Testament vs The New Testament
            • What God has given to the believer
            • Walking in God’s purpose and plan for you
            • Using words of Faith
            • Choosing Life over Death
            • Overcoming Ideolatry - accept God’s gift of Jesus to you.

IDEOLATRY helps to reveal God's common thread that runs throughout the Bible — His interaction with you and the many scriptures that prove that God’s True Character and Nature is not consistent with many religious traditions.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Ideolatry shines a light on the fact that God Loves You!

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