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Overcoming The Guilt Of Sin

Overcome with Guilt from Sin

I recently received several comments to my posts, It's Time For Truth  and God Loves You! All of them expressed pain and a measure of regret or guilt for their sin. This post is intended for anyone that is overwhelmed by guilt from their sin.

Here is one of the comments from a Guest: 

"I was a street walker when I was young. A stupid Jezebel looking for love that was not love. Literally drugs, sex, and rock and roll, living in sin. Multiple sexual partners. I didn't love myself, how could I love God or anyone else? I guess I go by God's word of fornication and adulterers. I had this insecurity and ego (edging-God-out) that needed to be fed. So selfish. So very selfish. (Christ's bride is pure and unadulterated.) I've never known love. I'm so ashamed of myself. No self-respect or respect for anyone, apparently. Immoral, a dirty trash bin. And it made me old very fast and stole everything. God have mercy!"


Dear Guest,

Thank you for sharing a bit of your life story. So many people have deep spiritual and emotional pain as a result of decisions that they have made in their lives.

You can see yourself through the guilt that you feel because of the sin that you engaged in. The guilt of sin drives your shame, but that is not how God sees you through Jesus Christ. Guilt tends to distort the truth of God's Word. However, you are right, Christ’s bride is pure and unadulterated. His bride is made up the people that have accepted Him as their Saviour. But the Bride is not pure because of what the people did or did not do in their activities on earth. The Bride of Christ is pure because of what Jesus did for them and their faith in Him. 

Every one of us is guilty of sin. Sin attempts to destroy you in every possible way and guilt is the fuel of sin that burns within you, searing your spirit and paralyzing you. You are not alone in experiencing guilt, none of us are free of sin or the guilt from that comes for that sin. We all sin and come short of God's expectations and those who continue to practice sin in callous disregard of God will meet a terrible fate. But there is a big difference between purposely continuing to practice sin and slipping up from time to time. You do not sound like someone who is continuing in sin.

The goal of sin is to drive a wedge between you and God and reduce you to a pile of human waste to be burned in Hell. Guilt is the method through which sin maintains its control. From the tone of your comment, your sin consciousness still has the upper hand. But God is not done with you and you know it, otherwise you would not have reached out with your comments. You just need some help seeing the Truth.

None of us can make ourselves “acceptable” because of any actions that we do or do not take. All sin carries the death penalty according to the Law of the Old Testament. Some have the notion that if you just “clean up your act” and do penance, you can work your way back in to God’s favor. Sometimes, this attitude comes from the “religious” thoughts of man that try to provide some way for you to “pay” for your sins. But, doing penance to achieve acceptability is a fallacy.

None of us can escape the penalty and sentence that is brought by sin on our own merits or because of some act that we perform. No matter how much you do, your spirit cries out, telling you that it is not enough. Inherently, you know that you can only pay the price one way, by your own death. However, if you die still holding on to your sins, you will not like where you end up.

The only thing that can relieve you of the burden of sin is something that God provides for a nominal fee. Yes, you do have to pay for it. The price is small, but it is very costly. But you can’t ”save up” to pay this price. It is not a monetary price. It is also not a price that you can pay through some deed or action that you perform. No, this very costly price is actually very difficult for the prideful human soul to manage. It is a price that we all struggle with. More daunting still to the human intellect, it is a price that you will have to pay for the rest of your life.

The price is humility, and it emanates from your submission to God as supreme in your life. You see, the pride of the human spirit struggles constantly with the idea that it is independent, can do anything that it wants, is always right, is in control of its universe and answers to no one. God describes this attitude as “the pride of life”. This is encompassed by my definition of the term, Ideolatry, which describes the self-elevation of the human mind and spirit above everything, including God. This attitude of self-elevation is in lockstep with the pride of life and creates a dilemma for your spirit and soul.

One of the biggest problems with the pride of life is that it not only leads you into sin, it also keeps you from accepting the gift of God that will solve your sin problem. You may find it fairly easy to acknowledge the fact that you have sinned and that those sins have messed up your life. But pride tells you that you should be able to fix the problem yourself. After all, you got yourself into the problem and you should be able to get yourself out of it as well.

The difficulty with this mindset is that sin is bigger than you, and on your own, you are unable to manage it or overcome it. But, there is still only one way that you can pay the price of sin yourself, and that is by your own death. However, your death does not relieve you of incarceration in hell, the everlasting consequence of your sin.

There is only one thing that can release you of this burden of sin and guilt, and that is the grace of God through Jesus Christ. God saw the frailty of the human spirit where sin is concerned. He also knows that on your own, you cannot overcome it. However, He loves you so much that He arranged to “take the fall” for you. You committed the “crime” of sin, but God sent His Son, Jesus as your advocate, your lawyer, so to speak, to post bond for you.

However, Jesus did not come to just bail you out of jail and put you out on the street again to fend for yourself. Jesus represents you in court before the Judge (God) that weighs your sin and determines your guilt or innocence of the charges that sin has leveled against you. Then, Jesus shows the Judge the contract that you and He signed in His blood. This affidavit serves to transfer the guilt and penalty for your sin to Jesus and your record before the court is expunged of all wrong doing.

The beauty of accepting God’s grace through Jesus is that, when you have truly humbled yourself before Him, and acknowledged that you cannot solve your own sin problem, Jesus says, “I love you so much that I died and gave my own life to pay the penalty for your sin.”

Because of Jesus, your slate is clean and your spirit is renewed.

This does not make you perfect, however. You will still face challenges. You will still sin, we all do. But there is a vast difference between falling to a sin versus indulging the trap of a lifestyle of sin. After you truly accept what Jesus did for you, when you do sin, you can then repent and acknowledging that Jesus already paid the price. You can tell guilt and sin to “take a hike” and leave you alone because Jesus already took care of it for you.

Renewing your mind to this incredible act of grace on a moment by moment basis helps to keep you in a state of gratitude. This renewal is accomplished through learning the Truth of His Word.

You may find it difficult to accept God’s love, because you may not feel that you deserve it, but neither does anyone else. He offers His love in spite of what you have done, or actually, because of what you have done. He knows how much you need it. Let go of your pride of life and the sense that you have to pay for your own sin. Turn it all over to Jesus. Let him be your advocate and let Him “take the fall” for you.

We tend to see everything in human terms. You have a tremendous story of redemption and restoration that God is waiting to tell through you. And this is true for everyone reading this post. God loves you and wants you to experience His love in your life. Swallow the pride that is keeping you from receiving from Him.

Your ability to sin cannot possibly exceed God's ability to forgive your sin through Jesus.

That is God’s gift of Grace for you!


Dr Rich Masek


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May the Lord bless you and keep you...   Dr. Rich Masek


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