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Human Ideolatry vs God's Truth


Human Ideolatry vs God's Truth

 A reader sent me a response to a recent Blog post. Here is what he wrote:

This is a wonderful story. That said, the challenge I’m having with the view “we” (our society and our culture) have of Christian values is that we seem to be doing just the opposite of nearly everything Jesus taught.

We seem to enjoy war, few people turn the other cheek, meek still means weak. As a culture, we judge others, particularly those not like us. We don’t seem to love each other, much less our enemies. As a country, we don’t do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We build walls not bridges.

When we walk with no need to win, to be right, no need for power over others, with love, compassion and connection, then we will begin to go back in time to what I believe Jesus taught–a higher level of consciousness. An awareness that we are one. I believe Jesus has a great message, but I don’t experience many, particularly men, who truly live it.

I do appreciate your messages. They make me think and, in that process, I grow closer to God.




Thank you you for your thoughtful response. You raise some excellent points and you have prompted me to go a bit deeper as well.

There have always been problems since Adam and Eve embraced their own Ideolatry, ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden, and fell to sin. There is also no doubt that society has made a turn for the worse and is digging a deeper and deeper hole, seemingly trying to dig its way into Hell itself. The Ideolatry of humans distorts their view of Truth and sets them and society up for conflict and failure. We can overcome our Ideolatry by understanding God and accepting His Truth.

God and Jesus have always been a point of division among humans and the Truth of God has been corrupted by humans to serve their own purposes for millennia. However, I believe that for our current generations, this downward spiral had its roots in an attempt to eradicate God from our society. It began when I was in middle school in the late 1950’s and early 1960's by mandating the removal of prayer and God from the classroom. (The student who was at the center of the case, William Murray, was raised as an atheist, but later became a Christian). This path of societal destruction of God's moral compass helped plunged us into deeper and deeper levels of depravity as we saw the evolution of the drug culture and sexual revolution of the 1960's. 

Next, we saw the unified consent of the country to commit murder for the sake of convenience. By this I mean the genocide of unborn children. The scope of this murder was just expanded this last week with a new law signed by New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo. This genocide has had the added effect of destroying the replication of our society through new generations of offspring. There has also been a disproportionate rate of genocide that is more than double in the black community vs. the white community. The reproductive rate of the citizenry of this country has also dropped below that which is needed for sustainability. For those who hate who I am, a son of a legal immigrant and a white, middle aged man, this is a great thing. But, the traditions and culture of generations of all American ethnicities which have gone before us will vanish in short order.

My father was an immigrant from a country that was oppressed during World War II and on the hit list of undesirables that included the Jews, Polish, Hungarians, Czech's and many others. He was a paratrooper in the US Army and fought during World War II in Europe against the oppression that was determined to take over the world. He saw the value of the US culture and subsequently taught my brother and me to respect the country as well as our fellow man. 

Naturalization into the US through legal immigration took him several years to accomplish after the war. It was an incredibly important milestone in his life. He wanted to blend into the culture of the USA, not impose his culture on his new home. He embraced America to create a better life for his family than he had. He didn’t demand handouts from the government. 

This is not the case in many situations today. Illegal immigrants want a free pass. They aren't willing to put in the time and effort to immigrate in a legal manner. Many feel that it is somehow their "human right" and impose themselves upon the rest of the citizens of the country to be supported by them. There is a political view that wants to ensure that this happens by removing all borders and allowing the free and unrestricted flow of "migrants." To be sure, many migrants are good people and willing to work. Many are trying to escape very bad situations in their home countries. However, that is not the responsibility of the US or its citizens.

I am all for helping people. I like to support causes to help the disenfranchised and weak among us. That is what God tells us to do. I like to give gifts and share what God has blessed me with. What I don't like is having someone tell me, no, demand of me, that I give them what they want. Some seem to feel entitled because of the culture that is engendered by our government that thinks it should be the source of everything for everyone in order to make the population dependent upon them and their rule.

What most in government don’t seem to understand is that "You can't give what you don't have." The ability to borrow and print money does not fulfill the requirement of "having it to give." It only pushes the problem further down the road, making someone else responsible for their reckless decisions. There will be a time of reckoning. And it will be ugly. Something must be done to control the hemorrhaging. Building bridges to allow unrestricted access to anyone that wants to come to the USA and get some freebies is not the way to do it. That is compassionate, but will destroy everyone in the process. A wall is actually a good way to regulate the flow and restore order and sustainability to the process of legal immigration.

For those who disagree, I would suggest that you unlock your front door and put a sign out front saying, "Come on in. Everything that I have is yours for the taking. You can live in my house and I will support you for as long as you want!" You should also drain your savings, 401k, empty your piggy bank and give away all of your money to support them. Then come tell us how your house looks after it is overrun by "entitled" ones that will strip your walls, eat all of your food, and take all of your money, then move on to the next handout, leaving you with nothing to pay your rent, buy food or take care of your family. This is what is happening to the USA and you are the bank that is funding this insanity.

Fiscal irresponsibility has created a National Debt of nearly $22 trillion dollars and has put this country in dire peril. But what is $22 trillion dollars other than a number that most of us can’t even imagine? You probably can’t fully appreciate the number 325 million either, but that was the entire population of the United States in 2017. So think of it this way, $22 trillion dollars is $65,000 for every person in the USA, every man, woman and child. That is $178 per day for a year for every person in the USA.

What if your family of 4 had to pay $178 each or a total of $712 for rent and food every day just to stay alive? Now add to this debt responsibility all of the money that our government keeps doling out to new illegal immigrants for free services. This is part of the burden of the National Debt that is only sustained by borrowing more money that can’t be repaid. If I operated my business this way, I would not have a business. Choices must be made. Sometimes they are hard choices, but they are required nonetheless.

There will always be those at the top of the heap and they always seem to be focused on protecting their turf. For example, Brian Maienschein, a California assemblyman for the 77th district, was elected to office as a Republican just a couple of months ago. This week he announced that he is switching affiliation to the Democratic party. This certainly appears to be deceptive, as it seems unlikely that he did not have this switch in mind prior to being re-elected. Politicians have power and get a government pension at retirement age after just 5 years of service. Politicians want to keep their jobs by getting re-elected, seemingly at any cost. 

The ruling class seems to think the rest of us are idiots and try to herd us like cats. Our society is created by those whom we elect to govern us and it is enforced by the laws that they create. Power struggles emanate downward from there and can create severe divisions among the people. It is impossible to cater to every need. Everyone can't get what they want. There must be compromises. There also must be a standard to which everything is compared. However, the best standard, God, is being systematically expelled from the consciousness of the country.

In my opinion, each of us should live according to the Truth of God's Word and do the best we can to live peacefully with each other. However, that does not mean that we should not resist the corruption of Truth. Truth and Deception are at war with one another. For example, a serious problem exists when society can accept the claim of Rachel Dolezal as "truth". She is a white woman who claimed to be black, because she "identified" as a black woman. By that logic, a 5' 4" white man can "identify" himself as a 6' 1" black woman because of a gender and racial identity “preference”. Should society accept this claim? If it does, this is not acceptance that comes from compassion, it is deception that is at odds with natural "order". It simply isn't Truth, no matter how an individual sees it, believes it or "feels" about it.

As far as winning is concerned, if winning means that someone else is oppressed into losing just for my benefit, that isn’t right. But, winning and losing is not always a Zero Sum game. Yet, when it is, should all sports contests play to a draw because nobody should win or lose? Should I never win with an investment? Should I never win a contract bid? Or win a patient's trust? In truth, Natural Law defines winners and losers.

I agree that we also should not have to be right by oppressing another person or browbeating them with our opinion. But, should I not be right when I diagnose a problem in a patient’s mouth and prescribe a treatment? Or make a right decision in raising my child? Or make a right choice about my future?

Should I not speak up when Truth is violated? Love, compassion and connection do not always mean letting someone else have their way. Sometimes, it means resisting their misplaced desires and guiding them into Truth. Love can also be expressed by correction, because you care enough about another person to help them.

Jesus taught a higher level of consciousness and an awareness that we are all one. However, the “consciousness” is of God and His Truth, and the "oneness" is with God and Jesus, not just each other. We are all one together in God through Jesus. Jesus also came to force people to make choices. The question is, will they choose the way of the world and seek after "Kumbaya" moments with each other, accepting whatever they do, or will they chose to follow the Truth of God's Word and take a stand for His righteousness?

Jesus did not tolerate sin or lies. He spoke out against them. He told the Scribes and Pharisees that they were hypocrites. He railed against their "religiosity." He called out sin, corrected the individual and then forgave them. He did not turn a blind eye to sin and just let it go because of someone's "feelings."

Here is what Jesus said it in the Gospel of Matthew:

Matthew 10:32-42

"If you stand before others and are willing to say you believe in me, then I will tell my Father in heaven that you belong to me. But if you stand before others and say you do not believe in me, then I will tell my Father in heaven that you do not belong to me. "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace. I came to bring trouble.  I have come to make this happen: (from Micah 7:6)

'A son will turn against his father.
A daughter will turn against her mother.
A daughter-in-law will turn against her mother-in-law.
Even members of your own family will be your enemies.'

"Those who love their father or mother more than they love me are not worthy of me. And those who love their son or daughter more than they love me are not worthy of me. Those who will not accept the cross that is given to them when they follow me are not worthy of me. Those who try to keep the life they have will lose it. But those who give up their life for me will find true life. Whoever accepts you also accepts me. And whoever accepts me accepts the one who sent me...”

The message of Jesus is this, "Make a choice, and I recommend that you choose God!"

It is difficult to impose rules of conduct on a society when there is no acknowledgement of a universal standard. Politicians, while they have power, have one set of rules that govern their actions and the rest of us are held to a different standard. Certain races and classes of people are also held to different standards, some more severe and some more lenient.

The utopian view that is espoused by "no need to win or be right, to have no need for power over others, and to live as a society with love, compassion and connection" will not exist until God’s Truth and authority is acknowledged and fully accepted by all. Then everyone will have that “higher level of consciousness” and through Jesus, truly be one with God.

So how does it begin?

It begins one person at a time, overcoming their own Ideolatry, acknowledging God, accepting Jesus, living in Truth and reaching out in His love to fellow travelers in our human existence.


Dr Rich Masek



I invite you to read Ideolatry - God Is Not Your Problem - The Character and Nature of God to learn how Ideolatry can distort your view of Truth.

May God richly bless you in all that you do! - Dr Rich Masek




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