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But, It’s Not My Fault!

It is ultimately up to us to choose how to deal with circumstances.

It is ultimately up to us to choose how to deal with the circumstances with which we are presented. This may not seem fair or even right, but we have all heard of people in our society today, who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve success and fulfillment. You can be that person when you accept the grace that God has provided to you through Jesus and follow the leading of the Spirit of God.

There may be things that have happened to you in your life that are completely out your control and that you can’t fix. These may be very bad or painful things over which you had no control. You may blame God for allowing these things to happen to you and even think that He is not paying attention to your situation.


However, God is aware of these circumstances, and He wants you to be restored and made whole again.

He was and is powerless to intervene in these situations because He granted free will to both you and those who may have brought the bad things upon you. If He intervened on your behalf, He would have to override the free will of those other people. He will not do that to them or to you.


We are not responsible for the actions of others, but God has put all of us into a position of responsibility for our own actions and the way in which we react to the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Joseph, the second youngest, favored son of Jacob had a dream. His brothers became jealous of him when he revealed that in the dream, his family and brothers would bow down before him and serve him. Their jealousy fueled hatred of him and they joined together to throw him into a pit. To convince their father, they took his many colored coat, covered it in goat’s blood and told their father that Joseph died after being attacked by wild animals. They actually sold Joseph and he ultimately became a slave in the court of the Pharaoh of Egypt.

Joseph spent many years in miserable circumstances in the dungeons of the Pharaoh.

How did Joseph react? Did he have a pity party?

No, he knew that God was with him and in every circumstance he encountered, he chose a response that befitted his trust in God. He grew in favor and eventually became the prime minister of Egypt. His story of bondage to becoming a governor is told in Genesis chapter 37 – 47.

How did Joseph react when his dream regarding the servitude of his brothers and family came true? Did he take vengeance upon them for their cruelty to him?

No, Joseph realized that because of his status and the things that happened to him, he was in a position to save and restore his entire family.  Which he did with great joy.

We can certainly point to others and say, “It is their fault. They did this to me.” You can have a pity party or resent and hate those who abused you. However, you can also seek God, trust in Him in spite of the situation and forgive.


Regardless of your situation, God will show you a path, and if you are willing, you can receive it.

God is not the source of problems, even though sometimes in the Bible it appears that way. The real causes of your problems are rebellion, selfishness, hatred, arrogance, disobedience, and every other self-centered sin committed by you, or others that have harmed you. People will sin against you, abuse, hurt, and betray you, but God never changes and He will never let you down.

God is the constant in this universe, and He reaches out to you in the midst of your circumstances. He said to reason with Him and put Him in remembrance of His promises. Reasoning with God regarding your circumstances is to remember His provision for you.

In reality, God wants to restore you. He provides you with the tools you need to overcome your circumstance and be successful in every way.

He wants you to be the person He created you to be, not a person that is an angry, hopeless creature who has become the product of his or her own circumstances.


God offers you restoration, the choice to believe and accept is yours alone.



 Jesus will set you free if you let Him !


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May the Lord bless you and keep you...   Dr. Rich Masek


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